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Why warehouse with Parcel Delivery of Albuquerque?

It’s simple. Parcel Delivery of Albuquerque cuts a day off your transfer time by doing the legwork for you, allowing you to streamline your shipping department and use your employees in more productive ways. In today’s market more and more of your customers require parts or products from 1lb. to 1000lbs. in a timely manner, delivered with the right equipment. Instead of spending $$ on rush services to ship the parts or products in on demand, stock them with us and we’ll make the delivery as requested saving you and your customer valuable time and money.

Additionally, Parcel Delivery of Albuquerque’s warehousing facilities also offer complete Import and Export connections. Our facility is also a fully alarmed CTS equipped site that is monitored 24hrs a day. Your products are safe with us. Rely on us to respond to your needs six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and Sunday when requested.


Regardless of your shipment’s size or volume, Parcel Delivery’s distribution services can work for you. We can inbound shipments (i.e. consolidations), sort and label to your specifications and then deliver them with the proper equipment without you or your customer incurring the cost of shipping them separately. Consolidated shipments with destination Distribution are not only more secure in transit but also more cost effective. Let us handle your distribution needs and be assured that your shipment will move door-to-door, quickly and problem-free.

Email: service@pdqabq.com, Phone: (505) 243-3791, Toll-Free: 866-376-0193, Fax: (505) 764-8436
Albuquerque Location, 2415 Alamo SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
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